Our products can be used in the following industries.


GCC (Grounded Calcium Carbonate) is mainly used as filler in fine paper, such as copy paper, in which brightness and opacity are important qualities. When used as filler in office paper, PCC loading ranges from about 15%, up to 30%. When used as a coating, it provides excellent whiteness and sheet gloss. In all applications, it will provide excellent machine runnability.


GCC is used in paints to extend the property of the prime pigment (titanium dioxide) and reduces the manufacturing costs to impart the desirable rheological properties; in order to maintain dispersion and provide body. Typical PCC loading in paints ranges from 10% to 20%. PCC can be provided either as a powder or as an easy to disperse, high solid slurry for such use.


GCC is used as functional filler in polymers. It improves the flexural modulus, impact properties, surface finish and controls polymer thixotropy. It is use in ABS, flour plastics, polyolefin, PP, PS, PVC, epoxy and many other plastic based industries. Typical PCC loading in PVC ranges from 3% to 20% in rigid PVC pipes and up to 50% in PVC floor tiles.


GCC is used as filler in non-black colored rubber goods like shoes soles, heels, cable insulations etc. It is also widely used to impart stiffness to non-cured rubber products such as hoses, tubes and extruded items. It also works as an excellent viscosity modifier.


GCC is used as a functional filler and pigment in sealants, adhesives and putties. Loading ranges widely depends on the application and typically vary between 25% (by weight) in sealants to 80% in putties.


GCC is used in drugs, calcium sources, as a filtration aid (in antibiotic manufacture), buffering and dissolution agent (soluble tablets), and filler in tablets, pastes (toothpastes) and powder. High purity GCC can be synthesized that to meet all of the USP and EP requirements.


Calcium Carbonate is also used in the detergents industry and is made available according to the exact need of the client when it comes to its salient features such as particle size and fineness.


The shoe industry also uses Calcium Carbonate, for a range of applications from the heels and show laces to the sole of the shoes.